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I have always been interested in computer science although my studies led me to deepen different topics (electrical systems and industrial automation).  I was lucky enough to learn the first elements of programming in a stimulating era (mid-1980s) during which home and personal computers became popular.  At that time computer owners could easily write their own programs by themselves without having a specific formal education, thanks to the simplicity of systems and development tools. Since then, however, things have changed: nowadays hardware and software are so complex that the creation of software is a matter for specialists and, since the majority of computer users have no interest in programming, development tools have even been removed from most end-use systems.  The pleasure of developing simple programs in a language, C, which I learned later and that fascinated me for its flexibility and power, remained from those years. I also became interested in telecommunications, obtaining the amateur radio license and participating in various activities in the early 90s.  Starting from the second half of the 2000s, thanks to the greater availability of second-hand TNCs, I first rediscovered the packet radio and subsequently the APRS, combining my interest in telecommunications with that for computer science.  This site was born from the desire to keep and share the materials I have produced over the years.

=========== APRS ===========

  • An ebook about APRS performance evalutation and possible new arrangements of the APRS network.

    Italian version (downloadable pdf) - Versione italiana (pdf scaricabile):

  • IK2PIH_APRS_Prestazioni_e_limiti.pdf

  • Alohasim, an aloha protocol simulator (pure and slotted) written in C.

    ====== C PROGRAMMING ======

  • C functions to draw monochrome graphics in xbm format.

  • Header file for C floating point double precision matrix computation and linear algebra with examples of use.

    ====== OTHER SOFTWARE ======

  • LOCCALC (C version)
  • World wide locator calculator, calculates locator given longitude and latitude and beam heading and distance between locators.

  • LOCCALC (BASIC V2 version)
  • The same world wide locator calculator, written in BASIC V2 for the Commodore home computers.

  • C64_KEYER
  • A small program written in 6502 assembly language that transforms the old C64 into a CW keyer.

    ====== MISCELLANEOUS ======

  • A short description of an HF antenna system operational in the mid '90s.

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