IK2PIH Loccalc

Many years ago I used a small software named "Loccalc" written in GW-Basic by Lars, SM0CCM, to calculate the QRB between locators after the VHF contests. Those were times when nothing was automated and competitors had to calculate the score for each QSO and write it by hand on paper logs. While it is possible to use the original software also nowadays, running the GW-Basic interpreter in a dosbox or under dosemu, I decided to translate it to C.   Being derived from a BASIC program, the C source is somewhat "spaghetti code", but it compiles and runs. Interface is text based, old fashioned.  Parts of this code were used also by EA4TV in its logging software "klog".

Here is the link to the source code:  loccalc.c

You can easily compile the source code for your platform with a C compiler.  The source code is written in plain C, no extra libraries or header files are required.  Popular free compilers you can use are MinGW for Windows platforms and gcc for Linux and Mac OS X.

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  • Some screenshots

    The main menu

    Loccalc main menu

    Calculating beam heading and distance

    Beam heading and distance

    Converting longitude and latitude to locator

    Convert long/lat to locator

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